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Step 1
Install the exterior corner first. Then beat the horizontal line, install the J-strip (PVC starter lath) along the horizontal. The J-strip should be positioned 95mm from the wall corner (Fig.#1).


Step 2
Determine the number of panels needed for the wall by measuring the total length of the wall in millimeter, subtracting the width of the corner pieces used and dividing by 1000mm. As you will need to cut the panel, ensure that it remains at least 300mm wide by reducing the size of the starting panel. The panel can be cut in 200mm increment anywhere along the panel, be sure not to overlap the mortar joints of the panel below to ensure a pleasing and authentic Brick look is maintained, Do not cut more than one end piece at this time since adjustments will be required for succeeding rows (Fig.#2).

Step 3
Working from left to right: install the first Brick. Slide the first panel left, butting it flush to the corner. Set the first panel gently onto the J-strip or starter strip, making sure to properly engage all installation fingers (Fig.#3). Slide panel left, butting to within 12mm of the corner. With Brick panels, be sure to match the horizontal mortar line with the corner. Note: the stone panels have a random pattern and are not designed to match the mortar lines of the corners. You must apply a bead of mortar fill at corner/panel alignment when done.
Caution: overriding the expansion joints may restrict panel movement and may cause buckling. The panel requires a minimum of five fasteners per panel. A closer spacing of fasteners is required for high velocity wind areas.

Step 4
Drive nails straight through substrate while ensuring that the nail head only makes light contact with the pane. Hook the next panel into the J-strip or starter strip and slide it into the first panel. Install the remaining courses repeating Step 1-3. In order to achieve a realistic look of Brick or Stone, stagger each subsequent course in increments of 200mm (Fig.#4). Never force panels down on top of each other. Set them down gently, ensuring that every finger is engaged, and allow the panels to seat themselves.

Hint: installation is easier by elevating the right side of the panel slightly. Be sure all locking fingers are properly engaged.

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