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Invitation For 122th Canton Fair

Issuing time:2017-09-19 09:53Author:VidaSource:VIDA CORPORATIONLink:http://www.cnwallpanel.com

Dear Madam and Sir,

We Hereby sincerely invite you and your company representative to visit our BOOTH 9.1N13 at Canton Fair 122th from 15th-19th.Oct.

It would be a great pleasure to show our new developed indoor & outdoor Wall Panel, Outdoor PVC Railling & Fence to you. We are the good vendor of Menards, Homedepot and other European chain store, come and discuss, you will know what we can do and how can we meet your needs. Expected to became your vendor and to be your good partner of business.

Tel:+86-136 0106 5797 / +86-512-8250 6979


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